Blog Post for WWAM Mobile Massage

Weight Loss and Massage Therapy: A Winning Combination

Was your resolution for the New Year to lose weight and work out more? Like many of us, it’s the one healthy habit we strive for. Unfortunately sometimes our bodies just aren’t prepared for the strenuous work it takes to achieve that goal, we opt for the “BIggest Loser” style of workout instead of gradually introducing our bodies to this new regimen causing us to spend hours in the gym working hard to burn every calorie possible. Not knowing that most of the excess weight is caused by unhealthy levels of cortisol being released in our system when we’re stressed. Sure we may feel proud that we’re able to push ourselves, but our bodies pay the ultimate sacrifice the next morning with aches and pains that are too much for us to handle so we give up and deem the pain not worth it.

Well don’t give up just yet, try adding massage therapy into your weekly regimen. While most believe that massage therapy is a luxury, it yields many healthy benefits and make your gym sessions more productive. Recent studies have shown that massages can be an essential weight loss tool, by improving your muscle nutrition, increasing joint flexibility and speeding up recovery time. However these aren’t the only benefits, massage therapy can be therapeutic by manipulating visceral and the parasympathetic nervous system.Viceral manipulation regulates digestive, lymphatic, integumentary, nervous and endoctratic systems, which restores the body natural ability to function properly , heal and disease prevention. Manipulation of the parasympathetic nervous system, puts the mind and body at the most relax state by reducing anxiety, stress levels and blood pressure.

In closing, focus on a more healthier you this year mind, body and spirit. Contact us for a Wellness Consultation today and begin your journey of reaping the benefits from investing in an indispensable healthy habit of consistent therapeutic bliss!


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