Artist Bio for Victoria Laine

victoria laine

From old classics of Elvis Presley to any other tape she could find, once her tiny fingers were able to insert the tape into the deck of that 1982 Chevrolet truck, the music never stopped. Her father still drives that truck around the farm and although the tape player is now gone, her love for music has never faded.
Victoria Laine, a native of The Grove, Texas, has embraced many opportunities in her pursuit of a career in music. At an early age, Victoria fearlessly stepped into the spotlight performing Amazing Grace at her elementary school’s PTA Talent Show. She shocked the audience and astounded them with her mature voice. Only a few years later, she was invited to join the Central Texas Sportsman Band in Belton, Texas. Victoria, the youngest member to ever perform with the band, sang lead vocals with jamboree band for 6 years proving that alongside her passion was tremendous talent. Taking a bold step to break out on her own, Victoria came to Nashville, TN in 2004 to record her first debut album at Bayou Recording, Inc.
Since then she has made numerous other recordings in and around Nashville with her most memorable being in RCA Studio B. “Having the opportunity to record in RCA has been the highlight of my career. Once I walked through the studio door, it hit me that all my heroes like Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison and Dolly Parton had recorded there. I really wished the walls could talk; it truly was a dream come true.”
With a love for country, oldies, and gospel music, it is easy to recognize each of these influences in Victoria’s music and vocal style. She chases her dreams with the constant reminder of lyrics from the song “Without a Song.” The lyrics explain that “Without a song the day would never end, without a song the road would never bend. When things go wrong a man ain’t got a friend, without a song.” Wherever she is, Victoria is sure to carry with her an unshakable determination to make her mark in today’s competitive music industry.


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